Going on holiday?

Here are some things you can do to help your learning while on holiday:

1) Read, Read, Read!
Anything and everything. Make sure you try to read something every day!

2) Write, Write, Write!
Send us a postcard, comment on the blog, write about what you’re doing in a journal, on a blog, in book creator – anything you like!

3) Literacy

The Literacy Shed
This is a brilliant web page that has many, many different short stories sorted into genres.

Make Beliefs
Make beliefs is a nifty little site that allows you to create and print your own comics, using a selection of pre-made characters, objects and scenes.

Roy the Zebra
Roy the Zebra is a fantastic web site with guided reading and literacy games!

Story Online
Story Online is a brilliant site, where you can listen to books being read and follow up with neat activities!
This is perfect for listening to reading during Literacy.

Kids Place
Kids Place has some spiffy reading activities and games to help you to practice the strategy of ‘check for understanding’. You click on the grade you’re in, then pick any story that you like!

Funny Fairy Tales
One of Miss Sugrue’s favourite literacy games!

4) Mathematics

Ideas for everyday maths!

Everyday life is full of opportunities to help your child learn about maths.  Here are some simple tips on how your family can have fun together while bringing maths into your daily routines.  Your children will thank you for helping them boost their confidence with maths.

Basic tips to remember:

Think out loud when you use numbers, time, position and measurement in your daily life so your child sees how useful maths can be.

For instance:

Cooking –

“How many biscuits do you think we will be able to make from the mixture?”

“How many forks/knives/spoons do we need for dinner tonight?”

In the car:

When children ask, “Are we there yet?” you can tell them how many minutes or hours it will take and compare this to other activities they are used to… For example, “It will take about the same time it takes us to eat dinner, walk to school, have a bath, etc.”

Play games that involve each person counting and keeping a tally of cars of a different colour.

Look for signs that show distances or speeds.

Sport –

“Which player has hit the most runs?”

“Who has the highest number on their jumper?”

It’s really important to show a positive approach to using and noticing maths yourself… children really pay attention to this!  Remember to always praise your child for trying because this helps to build confidence.  Good luck!

If you have been able to share a great activity involving mathematics with your child it would be great to share it with the Learning Community by posting about it on the blog.


5) Apps

For a comprehensive list of apps please click here.

Please see below:

Click on the pictures to go to the App in the App Store:


We use these for reading as groups, individuals and reading together.
You can download hundreds of free books and delete them when you’re done.

Book Creator

This is an easy to use app and the children adore making their own books.  The books can be uploaded onto iBooks and can appear on iPads across the school.
You can email the children’s books to their family members!

Solar Walk

Right now the children are interested in the solar system. Solar Walk is a beautiful app that shows everything you want to know about the universe, including the inside of planets!

Fragile Earth

We are looking at being caretakers of the earth in RE.
This is a beautiful app that shows the effects of human actions over time.


Click on the titles to go to the App in the App Store:

The classic adventure and spelling game.

Word Ball
The fun and tricky word making game.

Miss Sugrue’s favourite app for books.

Cimo Spelling
A challenging spelling game.

Number Battle
Are you ready to battle it out with your maths skills?

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