Helping your child with Literacy


5-6 year olds are also developing their comprehension skills at this time. There are six main comprehension strategies which can begin to be taught from this early age.

These strategies are:

  • Making connections – linking what they read (or have read to them) to what they already know about the topic.
  • Predicting – using the information in the text to guess what will happen next
  • Visualising – being able to make a picture in their mind of what is happening in the story
  • Monitoring – knowing when a word sounds wrong or when a story doesn’t make sense
  • Summarising – children can explain what they have read or heard in 1 or 2 sentences.

Help them learn

  • 5-6 year olds learn High Frequency Words. High Frequency words are a small number of words (children learn approximately 200) that make up a large percentage of written print. Children begin to learn these basic words such as the, and, they, said to help kids with reading more fluently and because reading can be very laborious for young children when they have to sound out each word. High Frequency words may be known to parents as sight words. The high frequency words/sight words we are focussing on are available on the ‘Statement of Intent’ each fortnight.

The Department of Education and Early childhood Development have provided an article about ways you can help your child with literacy at home. You can read more


Books stimulate the senses, arouse the imagination, and inspire a love of reading that will last a lifetime.’

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