Reading Strategies

To help when you are reading with your child at home, we would like to share the strategies that we teach at school to help the children.

1. ‘Look at the pictures.’

2. ‘Point to the first letter in each word.’

3. ‘Read to the end of the sentence and ask, does it make sense?’

4. ‘Get your mouth ready.’

5. ‘Does it sound right?’

6. ‘Make the beginning sound.’

7. ‘Does it look right?’

8. ‘Re-read.’

9. ‘Look for chunks.’

10. ‘Retell the sentence in your own words’.

Your child should be able to teach you what each one means, if you are unsure.

Click on the link below to find a handout outlining the Reading Strategies we are working on with Prep students

Reading With Strategies


The Prep Team


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